I will perform all translations directly from English (US/UK), French and Spanish into German. This allows for premium translations without any loss of quality.

If you need a translation from or into a language not listed above, I can refer you to a competent professional in my network.


In case you need a second opinion of a translation or a written text I can edit (=review with source text) or proof-read (=review w/o source text) your documents. However, I don't review automatic (machine) translations since those are sometimes so bad that proof-reading wouldn't pay, and you'd better translate the whole text from scratch.

Quality Assurance

Thanks to my two-tier quality assurance procedures, I can promise you the highest possible quality when it comes to translating and proof-reading your documents. If the turnaround time allows, I will double check the translated text after a certain time period to profit from a fresh vision towards the translated document. The proof-reading process includes a context check as well as verification of orthography, grammar and the correct use of terminology to result in an accurate style.

Special fields

I will be pleased to do any kind of translations for you but, in particular, I am specialized in the following fields:


  • General Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Medical Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Technology
  • Construction
  • Wind Power

IT and Computers

  • Hardware
  • Software

Natural Science

  • Physics
  • Biology