Translation rates

In the business of translation, there has yet to be an agreement on one uniform rate. Some translators charge for their services based on the number of lines or words, and yet others charge based on the number of characters. And even within these categories, there are differences: one translator may charge per word of the source text, while another may charge per word of the target text.


Additionally, one must consider that one translation may vary significantly from the next. The time and effort a translator must put forth vary in direct relationship to the differing texts. Admittedly, this creates some difficulty for the consumer in comparing the prices of different translators.


Since I'm working with so-called CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools (this is NOT a machine translation!) I can offer long translations at a very favorable price.  

For more specific information, however, I ask that you give me the opportunity to provide you with an exact estimate. Please send me an e-mail with the documents to translate.